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Puppies page two...






Duncan, the King in his the opening of a brand new dog park in Bella Vista, Arkansas
Duncan is becoming such a fine 'young man', has excellent manners and simply loves everyone and assumes that every dog he sees wants to play. Here are some pics from a recent birthday of a 2 year old, but Duncan is having a ball in the back yard playing with the other kids. After about an hour of this play, he was barely able to walk....soo tired.  He sleeps, eats and travels well and just loves us as we do him. He has been a delight.
Steve and Marilyn Brown.

 On behalf of my humans, Steve and Marilyn Brown, I want to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving time with family and friends. As you can see by my Razorback shirt (from Ada Claire…thank you very much!), I will be close to the TV on Saturday afternoon cheering them on to beat the snot out of LSU!!  (oops…sorry about snot). Before that, I hope to be getting some turkey scraps on Thursday and meeting some new people who are coming to our house. In any case, I hope each of you has a wonderful day, enjoying the company of friends and family, giving thanks for all of your blessings and hoping you don’t have to sleep outside in the cold! ( I don’t…I have my own kennel). ALWAYS keep our service men and women around the world on behalf of our nation in your hearts and minds. Save me a bone!!   Duncan Brown



November 14th, 2009
Grandma Macy, MercyMe, and puppies Avery, Milly, and Bronte having  a raucously great time outside. running in and out of their tent, digging, all the usual airedale activities. 

November 10, 2009

Joy Frederick's update ;

 As you can see Cassie is getting big!  She weighed 15lbs at the vets yesterday.  She is doing great and finally walking on the leash.  She can sit, lie down and shake on command.  It doesn't take long to teach her something.  A cheerio always motivates her.

Daphne, a.k.a. McKenzie with her new owners, Ryan and Cathy McNamara of Chicago.   The McNamaras live in the Wicker Park area where there are lots of dogs and dog parks.   I know McKenzie will enjoy becoming an "urban dweller".   She already been out and about the neighborhood today taking her that she is leash trained.

 Arley Hall Airedales at play in their sandbox for the lst time.
Enjoying themselves in their Airedale Excavation Site, trying to find bones.
Oh, what fun for these 12 week old puppies, Avery, Milly, Bronte, and Daphne.


With every litter, we have a theme.   Glory's litter is Harry Potter books and movies.    We use the ric rac to identify them and a way to keep weight records.  At one week of age Glory was doing it "all alone", but during the 2nd week, I began to supplement by bottle feeding with my homemade puppy formula. 

Arley Hall Airedales at play with mom, Glory.  9 weeks of age. Avery (blue), Milly (orange), Bronte (pink print), Daphne (multi color), and Buckley (missing collar)

Bertie's new home is with Dr. and Mrs. Mark Carroll, Colorado Springs, CO.   Mark is the experienced airedaler, and Berties already runs to him when he returns home. Bertie with Brendan on the way home - asleep...  What a day of travel!Both beloved pooches.
Bertie with "The Man"....  She has him wrapped around her little "paw"!

9 weeks old....

Our little Hermione left this morning for her new home......The Stephen Brown Family of Rogers, Arkansas.  They'll use this pic for their Xmas cards I hear., especially since their familynow  has a new addition.       

EMail from Steve B. :
I'm not sure who has who 'trained', but here is Sir Duncan at 9 weeks in Bella Vista. He is sleeping through the night very well, getting me up around 4:30-4:45, which isn't too bad, considering I am NOW going to sleep much earlier in the evening. He likes his walks, hates the leader....but adjusting a bit. Full of piss (boy is he ever!!!!) and vinegar!!..typical terrier.    Sincerely,  Steve






The Deeter Family and their new addition...........all the way in Bismarck, N.D.
Waiting for McCreevy's flight arrival.

Airport arrival counter....The Deeter's can't wait to meet him!
Finally here!At home with the family.

McCreevy meets Lola the Wire Haired Fox Terrier.Exhausting day...!
* Note from McCreevy  "I am now home and resting well after a long day of traveling Things are going great here."

8 weeks old...

Duncan, all settled into his new home with Puppy Mom Marilyn.

 Momma Glory look on as Sylvia holds her new puppy, Dora, the Explorer.
Duncan's goodbye photos.....

7 weeks old...

The puppies are now 7 weeks of age; some began going to their new families this past weekend.  Now completely on kibble, not even moistened and growing by leaps and bounds.  3 males are still availble (Avery, McCreevy, and Buckley) and one undetermined female.  As a breeder, I have first pick of the puppies, but they are so special I am holding 2 back for further you can see, sometimes it is the "best for last" for some lucky person; the last available female.   Now they have access to our entire Puppy Play Yard in small groups, and wow, are they ever fast, loving every moment of freedom and exploration.   I miss them so when they leave, but I know they are going to great homes.

The Mullens picking up their new puppy, "Potter" who is adjusting to his
new family quite well........proudly acting quite confident.

The Fredericks with their little girl, "Cassie" who is adjusting
very well and sleeping her in comfy new bed.

"Daphne" sunning herself - still available.

"Bronte" looking to play with some non-traditional toys (a weed)- breeder's choice.

"McCreevy" taking a snooze and looking like Snoopy- no longer available.

"Duncan"    quietly observing the crazy bunch.
"Avery"   "on top of the world in the playhouse"- still available.

6 weeks old...

At 6 weeks of age I can really see personalities emerging and expressed.  There is much interrelating with one another and testing boundaries, too.   Their diet now consists of kibble mixed only with water.   I rotate their toys so they will have variety and new things to discover.   Starting at 7 weeks, I will begin some basic leash training and allow more freedom in our Puppy Play Yard.........more area to explore.
















5 weeks old...

The puppies are now 5 weeks of age and are now really interacting with one another.   Their minds are very curious about new things, and these are brave, adventuresome puppies.  Their toys are of great interest to them now.    Each day I change the Play Yard around so they have something new to explore.   We just redesigned the entire area yesterday and added the Big Playhouse to the area.   Still eating kibble, some pulverized/some whole mixed with Puppy Formula.



















Duncan & Buckley





The Group having some fun.










September 9th, 2009     4 weeks old.

The puppies are now in the weaning process but still enjoying Mom, Glory a couple times daily.  They are now standing before the puppy pan, eating a mixture of homemade puppy formula and kibble. 

We have set up our Puppy Play Yard for them to enjoy, and they are beginning to use some of the items in there......the tunnel, items hanging, and investigating the playhouse.   Once they are more secure in this environment, they can venture outside to the connector tunnel, balance beam, and tents.   We even have a sandbox filled with marrow bones to explore. 

August 29th, 2009  Visiting day...

We had a great time yesterday with families visiting our Imus/Glory puppies.
On Puppy Visiting Day our puppies were 3 weeks of age.   It's great for the puppies to have socialization with others, and I know they enjoyed the children especially. 
Lots of families attended this special day.



Proud Momma Glory greeting the visitors.  

She is so proud of her puppies and loves all the attention, too! 







 August 8, 2009...
  I am pleased to announce the arrival of our newest litter of puppies .........Sired by Ch. Arley Hall A.M. Broadcast Mogul (OFA Good) and Arley Hall Glory Days (OFA Good).  Our puppies are doing great and are eating well.   Glory is my Supermom, taking great care of them.   The puppies are already scurrying around (much like a gator) the whelping box to be near Mom.   Of course their eyes are still closed, but they have a keen sense of smell.  
   I'll be posting pics very  soon.   Watch for additional updates.  Still looking for approved home for some of this litter.   Inquire by submitting puppy questionnaire or by phone. 

        Imus  Glory