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Lulu's Page


 All grown up now and checking herself out in the mirror.

Now over a year old.



Lulu enjoying the snow with Great-niece Lauren.


 Lulu w/great niece, Lauren, playing together in fresh, new snow today at their Barrington, IL home.

 Playing x box with Bray.


Here's our Lulu on her first birthday, just lounging around the house, waiting for her special birthday celebration later today. Her new family Holly, Kurt, Bray, Logan, and Lauren sent her a card from Illinois today. I know Lulu will be excited to get a whiff of their scents.


 Lulu at ll l/2 months is such a living with my niece, Holly and her family,
Lulu is co-owned by Holly and me. She's visiting here for a little while then returning to Holly.


 Should I, or shouldn't I?


 Holly and Lauren at puppy training with Lulu. I was able to observ.

 Lulu is co-owned by my niece Holly and me, but she lives in North Barrington, IL. Miss our little one here.


 Here's Lulu at home with my great niece Lauren in Barrington, IL.
Lauren and Lulu worship one another, that is easy to see.


( Rhett, Cheryl, and Lulu)

 Here's Rhett looking like a wooly bully right before we met up with his dog handler. He went to begin preparations for his show career which will take quite some time. Miss Rhett so much!

  Where the mutual admiration began when Lulu was 9 weeks of age at my house.
Lauren fell hell over heels in love with Lulu right then. Lulu loves Lauren, too.

 Lauren and Lulu (9 weeks) enjoying Lauren's birthday weekend at our house.

 Time for a lunch break for these 2 Airedale puppies..........Lulu on left (9 weeks) and Gertie on right (l0 weeks of age.