Arley Hall Airedales Carl Junction MO 64834 Cheryl Kranz - Scott

Arley Hall Airedales, Cheryl Kranz - Scott Carl Junction, MO

Extended Family...


 Georgia is owned by Mike and Shelley Regnier, of Grayslake, IL

These pups are Glory/Imus grandkids, Glory/Imus daughter "Georgia" is the dam, and "Cooper" owned/bred by Jean Surfus is sire. They are one week old in the pic, and of course, they look nothing like Airedales do as they mature. Right now they are black as coal". 

 "Riley" is now 8, an Imus/Rose son. His owner, Lisa Duncan says he is a goofball, loves to steal scraps of paper, empty water bottles (loves the sound of them crinkling), and is very tolerant of their other airedale, "Pnut". Who can have just one airedale when 2 are so much more fun!?


 "Pnut", an Imus/Rose daughter is now 9 going on l0 and looking so soulful. She stays young having "Riley" as a companion. Both Pnut and Riley are owned and loved by Lisa Duncan, Glen Ellyn, IL. Pnut is a more serious type of girl, unlike her carefree brother Riley.


 Pnut busted on sofa.   9 years oh age.

 Riley resting in his chair.



Every Airedale should have such a life of luxury !

This is friend, Lisa Edwards Duncan's boy, Riley, now 8, and another Arley Hall Airedale.
As you can see, he loves toting his blankies around, even at 8.



"Gertie" Callie's puppy at l0 weeks.


 Time for a lunch break for these 2 Airedale puppies..........Lulu on left (9 weeks) and Gertie on right (l0 weeks of age.

Ch. Arley Hall Spindletop MercyMe "MercyMe"

New Champion CH. Arley Hall Spindletop MercyMe  "MercyMe"

On the day MercyMe completed her championship, and darn it, I wasn't there.  
Best of Breed, too!    I am the proud puppy Mom for sure!
Denton, TX

Perhaps Mercy's biggest win, Best of Winners at International Kennel Club Dog Show in Chicago
.......and from the Puppy Class, too.

She's so beautiful....."enjoying the show, just looking around."  
I must hide when she is shown since she goes bananas if she sees me....such a mama's girl!

Southeast Arkansas Kennel Club - Best of Breed

Tracking a scent in the play yard

October 11, 2009
Cheryl and MercyMe
Awesome Airedale Autumn III....l9 owners and 13 airedales attended the big event at Joanne Hartfield's on Lake Hudson

McCrae having morning coffee with Rosie by the window.
Waiting to sing along with LouAnn at the piano.
Mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, snow tastes great!
 "I love leaping in the new snow"
Time to come in...............brrrrrrrrrr, it's cold out there.

McCrae Laying down


Preparing to depart for a sail (McCrae - red collar)

Enjoying a day at the harbor

Getting ready for "doggy cocktails" on the boat

 McCrae is a wonderful companion



Bode, owned by Joe Esposito of St. Louis, MO is now 6 and handsome as can be.


Bode, now 6 years of age, loves riding in the car just like his sire, Imus, Ch. Arley Hall A.M. Broadcast Mogul.


Lisa Edwards and her two "girls", Riley and Patsy (aka Pnut) enjoying their life in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.






Matalin and her new Annie.

Avery and Ruby

"Ruby" at 9 months of age; what a cutie!

Spencer and Morgan and Dana

Morgan and Spencer at the dog park


"Jonas" 2014

Jonas as a puppy

Jonas all grown up and playing so very carefully with a Corgi pup.  What  a wondrous dog he is!

more Jonas photos

Cassie Fredericks

"Duncan Brown"... at home in Arkansas....
Once you have establishd yourself in "Hog" country, you become an official Razorback.

Mike Elliott and McCrae

Doss, Kyndrey, & Maddy


" Roxy" with Kyle and Sari

  Hanging Out






Chip and McCrae

Riley and Friend

A group of my 'dales out for Winter Fun at the Dog Park


Sadie, Ginger, and Zoey



  Joe Yagel, Rose and Sydney



                                       Maverick and friend


Emerald and her family


                                                                          Shane Danford

Cryus and Rico








Sydney and her family

                                                     Gale and Sydney

Joe, Rose and Sydney


                                                                                  Joe and Sydney

                         Cristina, Gale's grand-daughter hugging Sydney

waiting for dad to arrive home from work

                                                                                         Joe, Gale, and Sydney

                              Sydney and her Xmas toys

                                                                   Joe and Sydney


Millie & Sue Rowan