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Arley Hall Airedales, Cheryl Kranz - Scott Carl Junction, MO

Arley Hall Sultry Vixen "Delilah"
 October 18, 2016
 Adjusting to returning here for now Delilah must have her bed just so!
  October 10, 2016
Wow, what's grown up girl, Delilah had become and possibly expecting, too!
May 20, 2013
Nearly one year of age, her birthday is June 6th.   
She loves to hoard her favorite things under the daybed. .......her safe place
Delilah with Darby. Now 5 months of age and half sister Darby is 3.





 Grandson, Nate, and little Delilah really seem to have struck up a friendship.

  Delilah after her bath.


Looking like a little angel.



 Arley Hall's New Addition, "Delilah"



 Her last nap at Mike and Shelley's home.
All ticketed out after playing outside with all her sisters and brothers.

Delilah and I as we left Mike Regnier's house. She is now 8 weeks of age and quite a beauty..
......aka Arley Hall Sultry Vixen

8 weeks of age