Arley Hall Airedales Carl Junction MO 64834 Cheryl Kranz - Scott

Arley Hall Airedales, Cheryl Kranz - Scott Carl Junction, MO

February  2011


Rhett on ground hog day looking for buddy Phil.     Looks like spring is just around the corner (lol )


 Duncan Brown in the snow - February 2011


"Beau Basil" having fun playing in the snow with his toys.......

Beau Basil cannot get enough of the snow......truly a "snowdale".


Here's our Becky, or should I say "The Loch Ness Monster" in Knudsen's yard after the "Big One". 
Carolyn Knudsen said maybe they should call her "Nessie" (lol)"






Friend Carolyn's labs make trails
all around their dog yard and have lots of fun.



Photo 1.  Tucker and Caitlin by the gate  (Mercy Me's brother and sister) 
Photo 2.  Jordan (MercyMe's Mom) on the deck Photos  3. Joran (MercyMe's mom) peering in the window



Bertie Boz who owns Barbara Bates of Fort Worth, TX, was in for a shock when the Blizzard hit the Fort Worth area on Tuesday.(lol).   He already loves the white stuff. 




Here's our Callie/Dickens daughter Darby in her Jefferson City, MO backyard.   They had even more snow than we did here............a whopping 23!"

"Darby looks so tiny because the snow is so deep" writes Susan Mercer.



Darby things she might be able to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro from the looks of it. (lol).



Running as fast and furiously as she can in the deep, deep snow and totally tuckered out after-wards is Darby.


 Darby trying so hard to climb a bench.


Duncan is stepping very gingerly in the new fallen snow, another 5" last night.


  With owner Marilyn Brown who cautions, "Duncan, don't eat the yellow snow!"  (lol).




Duncan just cannot get enough of the snow!    Poor owner Steve injured his ankle in it, but Duncan remains just fine.


 These were taken today, February 9th, 2011, after another 5" of snow was dumped on us."


Here are clockwise from front.........Imus, Rhett, Glory, and Callie out in the new fallen 5" today.


All these pics were sent by Janine Covington, Rogers, AK where they had 18" of snow then added 6" more last week.   Her 3 dogs, Jordan, an Arley Hall Airedale, Airedale, Maggie,  the Black Lab,
and  Bailey, Yellow Lab don't seem bothered by the deep, deep snow.