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Happy New Year to All!

Posted by on December 31, 2015 at 6:35 PM

Today has been a bittersweet day for me since last puppy left with new owners James and Gracie Nall of sugarland, TX.   I'm thrilled to meet them, knowing just what a great home little Cirsei, now known as Katie will have; I trust them implicity.   That's another joy of what I do.....meeting wonderful people and bringing joy into their lives, just as my little munchkins have brought  so much into my own life.   

Now there is only little girl Talisa, or Bronwen,......I'm still unsure which I should go with now.   She's adjusting okay to being an only puppy, but at least Mallory is here to aggravate her somewhat.   She takes it in her stride.    

I so enjoy hearing about all my dogs, especially the new puppies and their owners.    So please continue to keep in touch, dear friends.   

It's too early  to think about the next litter since I am still recuperating from raising this last one.   It's hard work, especially when you are unassisted in help.   I'm still tuckered out for sure, and now added to the mix, I have my own puppy to concentrate on.   We'll do it, putting one step in front of the other and going onwards..   Now on to training classes so important for all puppies.

Wish me well this coming year since there will be many c hanges in my personal life down the road, scary as they are but just think how stressfree my life will be then!    I will be moving back to Joplin and the home wer originally lived in when I first moved here...........very nice and comfortable for all of us.    

Happy New Year, dear friends.   Bleassings and love to all during the coming year

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