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Last Minute Gift for your Puppy

Posted by on December 22, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Forgot to write this earlier, but one new puppy owner remembedr to send me a blanket for her new puppy.   I usually write this early on, but I am busier than ever with Xmas and puppies leaving simultaneously.   Many previous owners tell me how their now adults love their fleecy, soft blankets are still a hit.    It also makes acclamation to their new homes easier for them.    So bring a blanket along when you pick up, I'll toss it in with the puppies at least for a few minutes, and your puppy will not be as lonely for his/her littermates.   Thank you, Janine Covington for reminding me, and Harper enjoys the beautiful red fleecy blanket with paw print in the corner as do the littermates.   Not so sure it will be clean when you return home, but it will be covered with puppy smells. .   

Also a good idea.........bring a little collar and lightweight leash for the return trip home.    Surely puppy will need to potty along the way, and then you can be sure of your puppy's safety.

I'm apologizing in advance........I have been slow on the paperwork, but the puppies will be registered.   You'll receive your AKC reg within next couple of weeks along with your puppy package.   I always gave them out at time of pick up, but new owners are always so excited about their puppies, they seldom listen  to me when I go over all the material.    At least once puppy is home and settled in, you can go over everything qt that tine,

Thw puppies had their departure physicals with Dr. Kent Findley, Neosho, MO, yesterday.   All were fine and healthy.   I could give the vacs myself; many breeders do, but I feel more comfortable knowing my vet checked them out.    I'll have a health record booklet for you when you arrive here     You'll also be asked to sign my contract for purchase .    Remember to bring final payment for puppy with a separate check payable to American Kennel Club so I can register your puppy with American Kennel Club., an oath I have taken with the Airedale Terrier Club of America.   Think of a registered name for your may nor may not have anything to do with the call name.    For instance "Haven" is reigsterd as Arley Hall Home Sweet Home; grandma Callie is Arley Hall Calla Lilly, so get thinking now.

rRemember, I want to hear how youre doing during the first couple days.   Anyting coming up...........just call me by phone, and I'm here to help.    It's a difficult time for me, too, seeing the babies I raised over past weeks leaving, but I know theylll be in good hands.   

Reminder.......if for any reason you are unable to keep your dog, please contact me (don't be afraid, embarrassed or snything)    I want to know where my puppies are forever.   Please, I ask your cooperation in this.

See all of you later this week.   Merry Xmas to all of you!

Cheryl and the Arley Hall Gang

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