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Puppy Visiting Day, Saturday December 5, 20125

Posted by on December 6, 2015 at 4:10 PM

Thanks for the new owners and their friends who visited yesterzay.    It's always fun meeting the owners and getting in on the puppy choice process.........a difficult one for everyone.    As a  longtime breeder, I would like to think these puppies are an wexceptional calm, smart, and absolutely wonderful temperament.    I'll be hard-pressed to make my own choice wshen the time comes.   Don't get me wrong.......I'm always looking, evaluating the puppies for shat I look for in a potential show puppy.   So many in this group meet those standards of criterion.   

Sorry for those who were unable to make it; you missed a lot of fun.    As it turned out, I was able to spend more time with those who swere here with a smaller number.   Food was great; companionship even bettet.

Just so you know, puppies wsill have their first puppy innocuation on Monday, December 21st, and I like to be sure they have no reaction so I like to keep them another day or two.   Afrter that, they cn leave for your home.   I know it's around Xmas so scheduling might be difficult.   I would like alll of them in their new homes by Sunday, Decemnber 27th if at all possible.   Please contact me wit h your date preferences.   I've Already heard from some of you.   I do not like to have more than 2 going home on a given day..........between paper work and getting them ready, that's about all I can manage in a day.   

It's always bittersweet to see them leave............I shed tears of joy for them knowing I have done the best possilble job in finding them the greatest of homes.    I also know I'm bringing lots of joy to their new families.

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