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Callie puppies have arrived

Posted by on November 27, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Sadly we have only 2 puppies in this litter, unexpected as this is.    For those still interested, I plan to breed again in the Spring with a different, younger bitch.   As for these two puppies, I plan to keep one; I have many past clients intereted in the other.   So sorry for disappointing so many of you.   If you are interested in a male pu ppy, I have a friend with a bitch out of my breeding who last I heard had 2 males available.   Contact me if interested.

Right now I am up every 2 hours feeding these puppies, and I' rujning on empty.    Sorry to diappoint so many people this litter.   All of us are disappointed, too.    Let me know if you sitll wish to be on my active fiiles.


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