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My Boy Stimson is leaving us to live with friends Mike and LouAnn Elliott..........I'm sad today.

Posted by on July 1, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Most of you who know me know I'll only place dogs in the best-ever homes. Mike and LouAnn are one of those. I know Stimson will be loved, spoiled, and cherished just like McRae was and Violet is now. They are the best dog parents around.

Stimson is my little guy who sleeps in my bed most nights. He's a bed hog, but I love him so much. Stim is sweet, affectionate, and the most wonderful male you'll ever find. He is a Callie son, so an Imus grandson.......beautiful coat and color, too. I'll be shedding lots of tears seeing him leave, that I know.

So wish my Stimson well........Ch. Arley Hall Bean Counter is also boarding school obedience trained as well as a conformation. So special to me. Farewell, my boy!


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