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Hi, it's been an age!

Posted by on June 20, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Hi Everyone,


Sorry for not posting sooner, but so much has been gonig on here lately.    I have 3 ladies in waiting and so many interested puppy buyers, too.    I'm hoping one of these 3 ladies comes into her heat cycle very soon; watch, all 3 will go!

I am still energetic, but I'm not energetic enough to handle that all by myself, and that's how it is here......just me doing it alone.    I suspect Becca will be first, and we have everything lined up for her; I'm excited about that breeding, and I hope it won't be while Susan's daughter is visiting her from Oregon.......too much confusion then.     All of us must just be patient, and they will come......reminds me of Field of Dreams.  


On a personal note, I am so upset.......our home has been breaking or entering.........of over 20,000.00 in valuables..........mostly my family heirlooms so I am just sick!    My mom's ring bequested to me for my son and grandson....gone....    A beautiful aquamarine ring my late husband gave me on our 20th anniversary.....gone, not to mention select pieces of my family sterling silver flatware, some of my prize handbags, a couple of cashmere sweaters, and other pieces of clothing.    What kind of a person does that?    Someone I knew and trusted, but should not have.    The police have been investigating, and the investigation is still open    In the meantime, all valuables are now safely tukced away in a safety deposit box at a local bank........."nanny cams" are now installed, so I have assurances this will never happen again    In the meantime I feel so violated!


Having some wonderful puppies here will certainly help my spirits.    Until then.




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