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Horrible News Here Late Yesterday

Posted by on April 29, 2014 at 5:25 AM

My dear friends,  I am both devastated and heartbroken right now.    I took our Callie to my vet late yesteday after Whelpwise monitoring revealed my contractions and Doppler revealed no puppy heartbeats.   My worse thoughts materialized.    No evidence of puppies and no indication of uterine debris either.

This is the worst task for me.........notifying the potential owners at a time when expectations are so high for a new puppy.     I was planning to keep one of these precious puppies for myself, too.     In over 45 years of breeding, there have been only 2 misses here, and this unfortunately is one.  

The investigation begins..............No semen evaluation was peffomed on the stud dog so was the semen "good"?    Were the utrasound results actually accurate since a human ultrasound tech performed the test, or were the puppies resorbed?   I'll continue to search and answer, but in truth, we may never know the sequence of events causing this loss for so many of us.     My hearts goes out to all those excitedly expecting a new family addition and the heartbreaking news for them,, too.    

Those of you who know me know I'm tenacious, not a quitter, and we'll go forward with another new, different breeding.    I do plan to breed a Callie daughter, Becca next cycle using my precious Imus heritage.    I think it is time to utilize Ch. Arley Hall A. M. Broadcast Mogul's wonderful background again. and bring forth into the airedale world some of the best puppies ever.    I know all of us are still reeling with disappointment, but we will go forward.   

In closing I will change puppies due to Fall, 2014.    I had so many wonderful former/current owners interested in Callie's puppies, and I, too, was so excited to think about those puppies having such wonderful homes.     Let's go forward, friends.    



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