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It won't be long!

Posted by on April 25, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Last night I was awakened about l:30 a.m. by what, I don't know.    I think Calllie needed to go outside, and she let me know about it.    So I walked her outside on a leash, and she didn't let me down; she needed to go .......just like all us pregnant gals do so often late in pregnancy.    This morning she continued with her voracious appetite......a few tidbits of leftover steak from last night's dinner over scrambled eggs, over Puppy Kibble.   Woofed down every bit, and believe me when I say, the other dogs are jealous of her "special, privileged diet".   


I monitored her with Whelpwise for the first time late yesterday but didn't get a good baseline.......need to remove more hair around the absomen I think.    I'll try again this morning; that's where we're at for now. 


Off course, you know she'll have the puppies this weekend, making it difficult if a vet visit is needed!]


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