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Pet Doors is replacing my swinging doors on Doggy Door!

Posted by on February 6, 2014 at 3:30 PM

What an accommodating company they are...........didn't realize this but those doors have a 5 year warranty so they're sending them here free!   What great news is this?      They have endured a lot with the dales running through so many times daily.    Thanks to Pet Doors!    And thanks to a wonderful customer service rep named Dierdre!



Lots of interest in Callie puppies

Posted by on January 20, 2014 at 7:25 PM

I'm waiting patiently as are others to see when Callie comes into her heat cycle again.; I plan to breed her then.    I'm ready...........recovered from being ill, and she is healthy as can be.   This will be my girl's last litter, so I am sure to make it a special one for special owners.    Please complete the Puppy Questionnaire on my website if you are interested.    I do plan to breed Delilah this summer sometime as well, and once I have the "all clear" on Haven, I plan to breed sweet Haven, too.    That will be all for a while though, and we'll see about these girls.    I love all of them dearly and only want the best for them.   


Our Noni is going to "boarding school Obedience training for 5 weeks beginning April 2nd.    She needs it, and I'll be relieved to see an improvement in her behavior.    Donnd Pascia at Dog Obedience Training Center, Lamar, MO, has trained a couple other dogs of mine, and I respect her training methods..............kind but firm.    I know Noni nneds that, and it is difficult here for me to give her proper training.  


The dogs seem happy that the weather is not so ghastly cold, but I think they miss the snow.    I'm pacing myself in cleaning up the yard.    I'm almost done, but I can only do so much each day because of chronic back issues.    


Happy New Year, dear friends

Posted by on January 4, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.   I have been "under the weather" for quite some time now with this awful virus.   Just when I think it is totally over, a cold sore pops up (yucky sounding I know).    


I discussed starting Noni on the show circuit with her breeder, and both of us agreed to wait.   Noni turns one on January l8th, 2014............still so young.  


Instead I'll concentrate on breeding a litter asap....................I have many choices to choose from on the bitch I'll use although only Callie and Haven live with me personally.   
Both are such beautiful, sweet girls.   If it's Callie, this will be her last litter; in past she has been a great Mom.  


So cold here that the dogs spend little time outside, preferring to honker down inside with me in a cozy house.    Unlike my Chicago friend Dana, I do not spend l0 minutes booting them and putting on coats for a walk around the neighborhood.    Good exercise I suppose, but I'm wonderig if they're thinking they, too, would prefer to stay inside on these sub zero days.

Enjoy the cold temps and sometimes snowy days everyone.   


Merry Christmas one and all!

Posted by on December 24, 2013 at 11:25 PM

Sorry it has been eons since I last updated this Blog.     R and I were cruising in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel followed by a week or so in sick bay for me upon my return.    As I write on Christmas Eve, I am still not l00% but I'm reovering finally.   


It was so difficult to leave the Arley Hall Gang home with Rob while we were gone, but they like him, and I think he enjoys them, too.    You should have seen how happy they were to see me!    Trying to catch up a little, but I confess sadly, I am missing Xmas this year.   My son, grandson, and daughtter in law are not visiiting since I am sick with this virus; I cannot blame them one bit.    Still coughing some but feeling considerably better, R will go to his family's tomorrow without me.    At least I'll have the Arley Hall Gang for company, and they are good company.     Odfdly, 2 other Chicago area friends of mine seem to be in same boat............alone for Xmas...........Mary is also in sick bay, and friend Dana will be working at the hospital, returning home to celebrate with her dales.    I'll miss my son and grandson, but as soon as I am feeling better, I'll head to Stillwater to celebrate a belated Xmas with them.    


\A blessed Xmas to one and all!


Beautiful Fall!

Posted by on October 23, 2013 at 11:30 AM

This 50ish weather is definitely airedale weather.    Now my dogs enjoy basking outside in their dog yard.    So much to see for them..........birds, those pesky squirrels,  folks fishing in the lake, walking around outside; the barking is sometimes too much (lol).         Now I'm hard pressed to get them inside since the weather is great for them with their double-coats.    I love this time of the year, favorite.    In all honesty, I am so please summer is over; I hate the excessive temps.  

Yesterday I read on FB that they had snow in IL near Chicago......gosh, I miss the snow.   Bet you think I'm crazy saying that, but I do.    The dogs love the snow, too.    It's so great to see them running and flailing it up in the air, eating snowballs, and generally frolicking in it.    Cannot come soon enough for me.   

Noni continues to adjust well here, but she still needs more formal training.   She is not a testament to my training since normally I have been able to teach a dog to sit within 5 minutes.....not Noni.   Too busy to stay put that long, but she is sweet and lovable, loves all the other dogs, and certainly she holds her own here.   

Noni is all settled in and keeping me very busy!

Posted by on October 12, 2013 at 4:20 PM

I was watch her constantly; after all.........she is a nearly 9 month old puppy.    She does nap frequently, but when she's up, there is no stopping her.   Still chewing lots, I caught her chewing on my Great Room Armoire this a.m..........not happy about that, but thanks to some Old English, I think I covered the damages. 

I laugh at her shenanigans constantly..........always running up and down the stairs to fetch treasures from my various toy bins and make certain toys her own in the graat room kennel.     I clear out the toys daily only to have Noni fill up the kennel again.    She has lots of favorites.....Tickle Me Elmos, an octopus, a snake, marrow bones, and a huge teddy bear which she dragged all the way upstairs.    She reminds me of Lexie Guillory when she was a puppy (lol).   She's a handful, but smehow we'll get through the puppyhood, and then she'll be a sensible adult airedale if there is such a thing (lol).    Tolerated by the others, she still mouthes incessantly, a hibt I am attempting to break with difficulty.   

No doubt about it, she is loved by all of us here, especially my husband who would never admit it.    His eyes light up when she bounds toward him, and she seems pretty fond of him, too.    She still sleeps in my bed though nightly, and we've learned to respect each other's space.   

Home at last with Monica (aka Noni)

Posted by on September 28, 2013 at 10:15 AM

We arrived home late..........after l0:00 p.m., and then the fun began.    Noni was so interested in exploring her new home and meeting just one dog, Callie.    She spent so much time traveling in the crate yesterday that I felt sorry for her and took her to my room to spend the night.   She wasted no time jumping on my bed, insisting on jumping on my tummy, and seemed to enjoy cuddling; what a joyous little girl she is!    This morning I introduced her to the others in small groups, and of course, she loved running in the paddock.    Happily, I announce she actually ate some kibble mixed with raw bits and topped with Greek yogourt, just like Valeria ordered for her baby.   The boys, Stimson and Rhett have taken a liking to her, not to my liking though (lol).   Right now they are downstairs in the male only run while she is upstairs with all of us girls.    I think all will go well, and she is a happy, little thing..   So glad she's finallly here!

Haven and Noni (Monica) are already pals.

Home at last and settling in. Checking out everything. She gets along great with the others.

Tomorrow is the Day!

Posted by on September 26, 2013 at 5:45 PM

Surely I'll have a sleepless night thinking about Noni's safety during the flight and her arrival.     I cannot wait to see her.   All the pics look great of our newest Arley Hall Gang addition.   I've talked with the other dogs about being accepting of her, and they looked at me wistfully.      I'm hoping they understood me and everything stays on an even keel here.    When Delilah first arrived, everything went just fine; she took no prisoners and made her stance known from the start.   Hopefully, Noni exudes that kind of presence here.   

Just about 24 hours for my girl to arrive.     I'll be breathing a sigh of relief when she's safely here.

More about "Noni"

Posted by on September 24, 2013 at 2:35 PM

I am counting the minutes until my new little girl arrives here.     Things seem to be a little amiss though........the notarized contracts along with payments still have not arrived at the other end.     I was told they would be received at other breeder's by yesterday, but I should have known better with "snail mail".    Here's hoping they arrive today, and soon I'll have my little girl in tow.  

I wouldn't have been procuring another girl if Haven had not been hurt, and I really needed another female.    She is a great beauty, and I am totally familiar with her breeding background.    She should arrive here sometime this weekend if all goes according to plan.    

Yesterday on way home from Tulsa with Haven and Callie, we stopped at Petsmart to have a new name tag made for her, and I also purchased a beautiful new collar for her at the Tulsa Vet's office........they have the best collars there.    All assembled and ready for her little body, all we need is "Noni" here!

Webb City Farmer's Market Visit Saturday

Posted by on September 24, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Sorry for this belated post, but I was unable to post to my Blog for "engineering issues" with the APP.    Anyway, R, Callie, and I headed to the market on Satufday, and Callie was oh so happy, wagging her tail incessantly, happily greeting all the kids working on their craft items (she is a nosy, climbing under the benches to greet each child.    She was a big, big hit there, everyone commenting on her beautfy, friendliness, and just being so cute.      

I shared some breakfast with her............scrambled eggs, sausage, even a little biscuits and gravy.   She happily accompanied us while we chatted with various farmers about their products.    I love this place......the music, the people, the great produce...............just a great wholesome place to head on a Saturday a.m.       Until next week!

Happy 3rd Birthday my Callie/Dickens Puppies

Posted by on August 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM

No longer puppies, these darling  once puppies are now all grown up.    Each is so beautiful and sweet according to their owners.      Happy birthday to my 3.........Haven, Rhett, and  Becca (who lives with the Mercers) with sister Darby, Jordan, Stella owned by Janik Martin, Winston living in Tulsa,  Beau Basil, an Arkansas boy, Winston living in Denton, MO, and who else did I forget?     Anyway, happy birthday my little munchkins.    Have a special celebration with all your families.     Know the Mercers plan a big celebration for Becca and marrow bones, and some of Phil Mercer's fabulous cooking.     Unfortunatley, mine won't be so lucky.   I am zonked after waiting for my car repairs this morning, then picking up Haven to drive to Tulsa and back, then onto the grocery store to p/u a few goodies.    Happy, happy 3rd birthday, little ones.



Grandma Cheryl and the AHG

Haven continues her physical therapy

Posted by on August 25, 2013 at 1:30 PM

My girl, Haven, just loves her physical therapy sessions with Jessica at VCA Woodland South Animal Hospital in Tulsa.  (Jenks actually).    So funny to watch Haven........wagging her tail like crazy and barking in the car when she senses we are near.    She cannot waitto exit the car and get inside.    Well, it is pampering for her, and she is doing well in getting the hang of the treadmill.    I reminisced to myself about being here in the past with her brother Rhett which makes me hopeful that Haven will totally reoover from her injuries; at least I continue to hope and believe.   

A highlight of our visits there is lunch afterwards.   I have found a wonderful Italian restaurant about one block away from the vet clinic wth an outdoor patio where dogs are allowed.    They even bring Haven a water bowl filled with ice water which she loves to drink.     Oddly enough, the owner's daughter purchased a puppy from me, for her boyfriend a couple years' ago, and my husband knows the owner, too.     It's called Oliveta's, and one of my fav lunch combos is a Caprese Panini and some Tomato Bisque Soup........both very yummy.    I give Haven a little of the sandwich, too........she deserves it.   


While she sleeps all the way home exhausted from her treatment, I am nearly falling asleep driving.    It's another long day for me........2 hours of driving each way, the l hour session, and lunch of course.    All together this makes for a busy day once again.     What I don't do for my precious airedales.    


Jessica surprised me the other day; I am in the session while it is being completed.    She thought maybe Haven would get back within a month of p.t.            told her I doubted that; she's young, and I think she is being overly optimistic, but it would be so nice!


Haven's first physical therapy session today

Posted by on August 19, 2013 at 10:30 PM

This seems like deja vue to me.........traveling to Tulsa with an injured airedale for treament in hopes of l00% rehabilitation.     Ironic isn't it, Haven's brother Rhett was treated at same vet hospital, VCA Woodland South.........a combination of underwater treadmill therapy, laser treatment, massage, and assorted exercises.   Haven's in good hands with Jessica; they seem to have bonded nicely today.    Many of you know that Rhett made a l00% reoovery and went on to obtain his AKC conformation championship.   


Jessie was definitely taking it easy with into the tank which was filled nearly shoulder high with water, and Jessie just moved her around a little without turning on the treadmill.    Haven seemed to like the warm water and slept most of the way home.     It is a 2 hour drive there and another 2 hours coming back.......a long day for me.   

It's worth the expense to see my girl come back to normal hopefully; only time will tell.    I'm not expecting miracles, just hoping for them.    

Love that little girl so much...........such a sweetie and gentle, too.     Go Haven; get well soon!

Our little girl leaves sad.

Posted by on August 15, 2013 at 10:25 AM

Little Delilah goes to her new home with Elin today.    I think Delilah deserves a home with more one on one attention for her.   She is very sweet and playful, but she is also very energetic and needs a calmer environment I think.     Every dog does not necessarily thrive in a larger pack; she is one.    So my friend Elin who lost her husband of 30 years last May and her airedale, Cleo needs a be it.    I know Delilah is just what Elin needs right now to lift up her heavy heart and a companion, too.    Delilah will be spoiled and loved by Elin; Delilah is sure to love her right back.    Elin now has a new sleeping buddy, my girl, Delilah.     Enjoy your new home, little girl!    We will miss you, but you'll return one day down the line.

A tough week here!

Posted by on August 11, 2013 at 11:45 AM

It sure has been a tough week here with 2 girls (Callie and Haven) in season and 2 males around howling much of the time  (Rhett and Stimson).     I truly have a need now to add a couple more dog runs downstairs so I don't need to worry about switching dogs so much., continually running up and down the stairs to do so.      I'm at my wit's end right now switchng dogs around continually so everyone can exit to the dog yard and I can keep breeding accidents from happening.     Also there is the matter of 2 in tact males wanting to attack each other since they are rivals for affection.    Ay, yi, yi........I've had it right now.    Makes me think I must board  the males next cycle.     This should only last a few more days.    Then of course, I hae Haven to care for.......still taking her outside on a lead to life is all dogs these days with little time for anythng else.    Need a good rest.  


I still plan to breed Callie next time and am very excited about the stud I've chose for her.    We should have some great puppies.    

Change of heart about breeding this time

Posted by on July 29, 2013 at 9:45 PM

Sorry to all you folks who were so eagerly anticipating a Callie litter this Fall.    After so many obstacles to surpass in order to get this breeding done, I have decided just to wait until Callie's next heat cycle.   Issues ranged from the stud dog being on vacation with his owners during probable breeding time, logistics in getting the semen to a vet who would perform a surgical A-I, and lastly, but so important........sheer  cost!    This was going to cost me around 2500.00 to get this done, money which is not available to me right now since I have Haven's expenses and paying off Stimson's final handling bill, so the decision is made.............NEXT TIME FOR SURE!      Sorry to all.   I'm totally bummed out, too, but this way I'll be able to get Haven into her rehab program, take my husband for all his eye exams in another town, and get a well-needed break.     Until next time, dear Callie.    She'll be a great mom to those puppies!


Looks like we'll be breeding Callie again

Posted by on July 29, 2013 at 12:20 AM

I'm been on the phone trying to arrange this breeding for Callie.    I have a stud dog lined up and a back up dog, too, so I think things are a go.    Now it's all up to me from this end to arrange the timing for our girl.     I am pessimistic about the first dog chosen; he and hsi owners will be vacationing in Maine during the peak time.    The backup dog will be a one time breeding is alive but has now been neutered, and owners have his semen stored at a semen bank in Cleveland, Ohio.   I will begin looking for a clinic here familiar with implanting surgically for an AI........hopefully it works out.    I am both excited and concerned about this breeding, probably Callie's last litter.   The timing mus be perfect!  Wish us luck and good fortune with this.    I'll provide up to the minute news as it comes.


TheTime has come......

Posted by on July 27, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Callie is in Day l or 2 of her cycle, and I have feverishly been on the phone and internet attempting to get everything in order for breeding.   I so want this litter, a very special litter.   Unfortunately, it seems logistics are an issue right now.    The owners of the dog I intend to use at stud are vacationing in Maine, August 7th for l0 days.    This just might fall into the time window I need to breed Calie.    I have some back up possibilities available, and I'm working on those right now.     I'll keep everyone posted.     I want some beautiful, healthy, wondrous puppies from my girl, and this is the perfect time.    I have all health issues behind me, and we're a go!

Getting my "ducks in a row" for breeding again

Posted by on July 22, 2013 at 9:15 AM

I plan to purschase a microscope this week to use for semen examination........sperm volume and motility is what I'll be checking.     I'll need to do this when we receive shipped semen for an artificial insemination of Callie this next breeding.    I sure hope "Tam" is not on vacation with his owners when the time arrives.    Last week I thought Callie was beginning her cycle; now I'm not sure.    Actually I'm thankful she isn't right now, and I'm hoping it will be later rather than sooner.      So many airedale breeders are now posting pics of their puppies, and I think I need a "puppy" fix here!    They're so cute, and we need our next little Arley Hall Show dog.     Cannot wait to have puppies again.   The rate things are going I need to change my next litter posting to "Late Fall". 

Wow, it's hot outside!

Posted by on July 19, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Way too hot for me and the airedales, too.   They prefer to stay inside in their air conditioned run or inside the house with me.    Yesterday all the AHG had a "spa day"; they are looking/smelling so good today!    Of course getting them there required 3 trips to drop and pick everyone up.    


I'll try to take a pic of them some time during the next few days.   Right now everyone is lounging around napping......that time of the day for the Arley Hall Gang.   


Haven continues to improve each day, and I was talking to my own physical therapist yesterday about projected recovery/rehab time for her.    He said this injury takes a long time.   She finally walks on all fours, except when she picks up speed, then we revert to bunny hopping or lifting up her rt. rear leg.   This is so heartbreaking for me to see, especially since she was slated to be our next show dog.  I'm not giving up hope on a show career for her yet; we have a long road ahead before I surrender to that thought.   Next week we're back in accupuncture so I'll get another opionion from one of my vets (the holistic/traditional) one.    Just when I am released from physical therapy, it looks like Haven will begin hers very soon.   At least there won't be so many appts. for me between myself and Haven.   


Good news for me.......after my Yag laser eye surgery last week, I was experiencing a floater in my left eye, but that has now disappeared..thank goodness.    Hopefully this is the end of eye surgeries!


Enjoy your weekend everyone.   Stay cool or inside.    Heat advisory in effect everyday here lately, and I fit the category of the elderly (lol).