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Arley Hall Airedales, Cheryl Kranz - Scott Carl Junction, MO



Arley Hall Glory Be Good "Glory" and Rhett, Arley Hall, Frankly My Dear I Don't Give a D
announce their litter whelped today, December 15, 2011.

7 puppies...5 little boys and 2 little girls. Check Blog for more details.
          Glory                                                Rhett  
The new litter will aptly be called, "The Chicago L Litter" for I promised my great niece, Lauren, and my great nephew Logan I would name puppies after them.   So here are the new puppies' names:  

              The Girls

                         Lauren......Arley Hall Magnificent Mile Gal

                                             Milly............Arley Hall Millenium Park                          

                    The Boys

                   Addison........Arley Hall Wrigley Stop

                       Belmont    ... Arley Hall Great Shopping 

            Harrison....    Arley Hall Illini Stop

                    Jackson..........Arley Hall No More Bull

                   Logan..........Arley Hall End of the Line

February 13, 2012

Logan aka Indy


 "Indy" all settled into his Indianapolis home; hence, the name "Indy".........good choice."

I don't think the Clay Bryndales have chosen a name for their boy yet, but I'll let you know when they do. Here is Natalie Dial's brother Clay and wife Julie also from Indiana with their new puppy, "Logan". They have a very long drive back home today.....about 9.5 hours.......equals lots of puppy breaks on the road. Have a safe trip, you guys!


Addison aka Gus

 "Addison", aka "Gus" enjoys the beautiful weather with new owners Diane and Jimmie McMillan of Springfield, MO. "Gus" is supposed to be Diane's dog, but notice who is holding him (lol). "
Harrison aka Alfie Capone

July 16, 2013
Alfie, now l and one-half years of age......A Glory/Rhett kid so loved by his owners.


 At l6 months, he is the light of the Simpsons' lives and ornery. (lol).



 This Rhett son has turned out to be a handsome lad indeed. I wanted to keep him for myself and would have proudly owned him. This was from litter I oversold (lol)...........trouble counting when exhausted I guess.

 Here's Alfie at nearly 6 months of it up in Houston area.


Alfie, now 17 weeks of age and looking so handsome.

Just being's Alfie at 16 weeks.




 Alfie learned how to sit the perfect pose.


 "Alfie, aka "Harrison" is definitely making himself at home now in Texas; he is so neat, too

........all those toys placed so perfectly on his dog bed" (lol).


 Neighbors put up the sign and all came over to see the new addition.

  Harrison," aka "Alfie Capone" in the arms of his new owners Carol and Dick Simpson of Katy, TX. Alfie is in for a very long drive home today, but he has already begun to bond with the Simpsons. When I looked in the car, I saw Dick cuddling him all snuggled up in a polar fleece blanket.........ah, what a life.

Lulu aka Milly

Indy, Morty, and Milly ( in front) owned by brother and sister
Clay Bryndal and Natalie Dial of Indianpolis, at one of the play fun!"


 Puppy Lulu also joins in on the Sunday afternoon napping routine.

Belmont aka Mortie

 Puppy Mortie Dial and Rhett Dial nap together on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. Good idea if you ask me.


Here's another family with 2 Arley Hall dogs........"Milly" now 8 years of age and the newest addition, "Mortie".....named collectively by the three Jim and Natalie Dial sons.......Rhett, Solomon, and Isaac. I can imagine what it was like to have 3 young men agree on a name (lol). They head back to the Indianapolis, IN area today with Natalie's brother and sister in law Julie who are also new puppy owners. All packed into a mini-van with 2 puppies; what a trip they'll have!
 Jackson enjoying a sunshiny day at home on the front porch.
(February 10, 2012) Pictured here are the Corbett Leach family of Liberty, MO ., with their other Arley Hall Airedale, "Mia". "Jackson" has a nice Airedale sister to train him right (lol). Pictured are Ann,
son Derek, "Mia", Corbett, and new addition, "Jackson".



 Our "Lauren" leaves for Shawnee, KS, with new owner Mary-Christine Sandner.
With all Mary-Christine's family spoiling her, I know Lauren will have a great life.

February 4, 2012

January 30, 2012

January 23, 2012

Glory /Rhett puppies at 5 1/2 weeks old.

January 7, 2012

Callie Walla Visits with Callie's Airedale puppies

Puppy Visiting Day.
New owner Mary-Christine Standner visits with Glory's puppies Milly and Lauren. One of these will be her new family addition.


Kathy Dusenberry and daughter Anne enjoy puppy "Gertie".
Carol Simpson and husband Dick traveled all the way from Katy, TX for our special day.
Joe Esposito and son, Joey from at St Louis area checking out little Joey's first choice puppy, "Feeny" .
Interior designer Mary-Christine Standner and her mom, Myra trying to make their puppy choice.

Myra Standner holds both of Glory's girls.......Milly and Lauren. Oh, what a difficult choice to make.

Mary-Christine Standner is already is love with this little girl.

Mary-Christine Standner trying to decide which, either Lauren or Milly, is her perfect family addition
 New puppy owners The McMillans from Springfield, MO. viewing the puppies.


January 1, 2012

 Glory's pups grow bigger everyday Mom is so nurturing, a wonderful
puppy mom who loves her pups so much. Happy new year 2012!

December 27, 2011

Another puppy first...........just this afternoon many of Glory's puppies opened their eyes for the first time. They aren't even two weeks of age yet, so wow, I was surprised. They're sleeping now after nursing, but I'll try to get some video of them.



Named after my sweet great niece, Lauren

Here's s special treasure I bought from ATRA at our national specialty. Any guesses on what it is?
It's a business card holder w/live and toy 'dales on it.






Glory being monitored while in labor. Yes, she is officially in labor today according to Whelpwise. You can see the sensor tucked under her body between nipples 2 and 3. That is attached to a recorder, and the recorder fits into a base unit which is used to transmit the data to Whelpwise in Colorado. Once it is received I have a conversation with person on duty (24 hours a day they are available), and we discuss where she is in the whelping process, and what we will do next.
"I was also using the Doppler portable ultrasound unit to detect heart beats of the puppies. Now I am not the greatest at this part..........but I found 3 on her left side this a.m. and at least 4 on her right side this afternoon. When Callie was in labor, I found only 4 puppies; she ended up with much for my detecting heart beats (lol).
As of 4:00 p.m. she is not progressing in her labor, sort of stalled so I just fed her some food and gave some calcium in form of Tums extra strength. Let's hope she gets going soon. This could be a very long night again.