Arley Hall Airedales Carl Junction MO 64834 Cheryl Kranz - Scott

Arley Hall Airedales, Cheryl Kranz - Scott Carl Junction, MO


Sired: Ch. Texter Chips Ahoy "Chip"  Dam: CH. Arley Hall Calla Lilly " Callie"

8 puppies born December 4, 2011

Chip is owned and bred by Drs. David and Laura Post, Tyler, TX
Callie is owned and bred by Cheryl Kranz-Scott, Carl Junction, MO

 Both "Chip", Ch. Texter Chips Ahoy, and "Callie", Ch. Arley Hall Calla Lilly, are special Airedales. Not only are both of them AKC champions, but both have won at a very high level of achievement.........Chip won Best of Breed at the very first Texas Airedale Specialty and Callie won Winner's Bitch at the Illinois Airedale Specialty, finishing at that show. Fabulous temperament is so prevalent with these two dogs; you couldn't ask for better. Both Chip and Callie are OFA "Good". I must say there is a lot of interest by the Texas people in these happy to see it. 

See their offspring of which we are so proud.

  This litter is officially the Little Lulu litter......inspired by my favorite comic strip when I was a little girl.
Next year there will be a movie coming out based on the Little Lulu comic strip. Lulu Moppet was renowned for her being a flower girl walking down the aisle throwing banana peels kind of girl. For your children who are unaware of the existence of comic strips, they will know next year.

All names are based on characters in the strip . Here are the names of the puppies:

___ Girls                         __ Boys
Lulu Moppet                       Feeny
                                        Willy Wilkins
I love these names, and hopefully, you will like them, too. Remember, these are just names I give them while they are with us here. As an owner, you are entitled to name your puppy any name you wish.


Visiting Kathy Dusenberry, Ginger, and of course, Delilah I'm in Parkville, MO during their festival.
What a quaint delightful town.


Our girl, "Becky" shown at her handler, Brian Livingston's place in Texas. Almost ready to begin her show career and looking soooooooooo beautiful, too. Hopefully her brother Rhett finishes before she does (lol).


February 13, 2012

February 4, 2012

January 30, 2012

Tia aka Gertie


 Here's Tia (aka Gertie, and Stimson's sister) on her 5 month birthday,
enjoying herself in her dog yard and sitting so pretty.

 Here's Gertie with her new owners, Monica Fritsche and husband Paul of Elmhurst, IL. Gertie is Monica's second Arley Hall airedale.........see what I mean about habit-forming?

 Here's Gertie at work with new owner Monica Fritsche.......checking out some e-mail.

 Gertie, napping on the long ride home to Suburban Chicago. Sleep tight, Gertie.

Dexter aka Googins

Mel and Sharon Ford of St. Louis, MO, with their new puppy "Dexter", aka. "Googins". Dexter is doing great, even slept in til 6:30 this puppies were up at 2:30 then again at 5. He can show them a thing or two (lol)!


Pictured today, February 10, 2012, Callie Walla (holding Iggy), her dad, Ken, and Mom Anne from Kirkwood, MO prepare to leave with our Iggy Inch. They assured me he will have a different name (lol). So much for my name choices I guess.


"Murphy" out with owner George Manthos at Ziggy's Midtown Cafe in Houston.
It is so obvious just how attached Murphy is to George.

Kris Gilbert and George Manthos are so enamored with their new puppy, "Murphy", aka "Tompkins". . They'll head back to Houston where "Murphy" will make his new home with them. Hopefully, "Murphy" enjoys flying on his first airline flight. I suggested they register him as Arley Hall Murphy's Law.......very cute.


........."Snow Willy" should be his name. Here's our "Willy" enjoying his first ever
snow at his new home in Burr Ridge, IL, a Chicago suburb. Now he is officially a Chicagoan!


 Here's Willy, all settled in with new brother, Patrick, and sister, Carlie. Tony Thomas said
Willy is quite the traveler, slept in his carrier during the entire flight home to Chicago.

 "Willy" and new owner Tony Thomas, of Burr Ridge, Illinois just about ready to head to MCI for a flight to Chicago.



When I say Airedales are addictive, I mean it. Here are the Espositos........already owners of another Arley Hall Airedale, "Bode" now 6 pictured here when they came to pick up their newest addition and Bode's new playmate, "Feeny". Pictured left to right.........Joe Sr., , Joey, Bode, Kelly and of course, Feeny. They're heading home to Olivet, MO with my little guy. Enjoy your Arley Hall Airedales!

Kathy , Ann, and Brad Dusenberry along with "Lulu" getting ready to leave for "Lulu's" new home in Parkville, MO. 

January 24, 2012

Enjoying a beautiful January day, Callie's brood dines al fresco!

January 19, 2012

These nearly 7 week old pups stack like real show dogs during their first professional grooming.

 Callie's puppies were very tired after their "spa day" and are now enjoying some outdoor play time before lunch
Now nearly 7 weeks of age, they begin to leave for their forever homes next.

January 11, 2012

Now 5 and one half weeks of age, Callie's puppies are having a ball outside in the sunshine. Tomorrow there may be snow so today is great for their 1st playtime outside. The adult dogs enjoy this op to be outside along with the puppies. A beautiful, unseasonably warm day of 58 degrees. They were so tired when I took them inside after about 45 minutes. 

Hi Aunt Cheryl, Logan, Lauren and I thought we'd email you before school today. We just watched your video of the puppies outside. They are getting so big!! They were so cute as they tried to get up the stairs and plank. It's ok if you have to sell Logan - we understand. We wish we could have joined you on your Puppy Visiting Day - sounds like it was so much fun. Please keep sending pics and posting videos - we love to watch them.
We're expecting our first snow storm today, so we're digging out our snow boots and snow pants. Should be fun! Love you and Miss you!!
January 7, 2012
It was Puppy Visiting Day today, and we had quite a crowd..........some folks as far away as Katy, TX, some from Kansas City area, Springfield, MO,and 2 groups from St. Louis. It was so successful and fun for everyone. It's great socialization for the puppies, and they receive lots of attention. It's a great opportunity for new owners to meet one another, too. I will post pics and video I took as soon as I locate my I-phone. Hope I don't find it chewed in the dog yard.
A special note of thanks for Gracie and Anna Knudsen for the cute Airedale cookies they took the time to make for us.....yummy. People were all asking to take some home. I kept some for myself of course. Thanks again. I'm sure glad I gave your Mom that Airedale cookie cutter as part of her birthday present (LOL).
The puppies are beat right now. They were fed their last food of the day and are now fast asleep. A big day for these little puppies. "
 Callie Walla visits with Callie's Airedale puppies.
Puppy Visiting Day.
New owner Mary-Christine Standner visits with Glory's puppies Milly and Lauren. One of these will be her new family addition.
Kathy Dusenberry and daughter Anne enjoy puppy "Gertie".
Carol Simpson and husband Dick travelled all the way from Katy, Txfor our special day.
Joe Esposito and son, Joey from at St Louis area checking out little Joey's first choice puppy, "Feeny" .
Interior designer Mary-Christine Stanched and her mom, Myra trying to make their puppy choice.
 New puppy owners The McMillans from Springfield, MO. viewing the puppies.
January 1, 2012

Callie's puppies move to a large run filled w/lots of new,fun filled toys. Plenty of room to explore for these babies! Now they are eating a mixture of home made puppy formula (since I can no longer obtain fresh goat's milk), baby rice cereal, and 2 jars of Baby chicken..........mmmmn seem to enjoy it. Still exploring this new environment, every turn is an exciting adventure for them while the adult dogs are always nearby. Happy New Year from all of us. Welcome 2012! 

December 27, 2011

Arley hall puppies are starting on a semi soft diet of Goats milk mixed w/baby rice cereal w/dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Very messy. I begin introducing the puppies to the cereal by going around the bowl with a baby feeding spoon, letting them lap off the food, then moving the spoon closer into the bowl. They usually pick it up fairly soon. 

December 17, 2011

December 12, 2011

MercyMe longingly gazes over the edge of the whelping interested in the puppies.


It's a family affair when the Arley Hall Gang gathers to peer over the edge of the whelping box to check on Callie's puppies. Callie is so good about their coming near to them now......finally adjusted and doing fine with their presence.

December 10, 2011

December 7, 2011
"Meet Callie's Puppies"
"All pics taken today December 7th by me, the non-photographer breeder.. Today they are 4 days of age. Yesterday we went into the vet for tail docking and dew claw removal. All are doing well today. Everyone will know these names come next year when a pic will be released about Little Lulu....her friends and antics. She is famous as a flower girl in a wedding throwing banana peels down the aisle, my kind of girl (lol).
 Many thanks to friend, Donnetta Rivera, for patiently posing these babies. It's not easy, that I know.
Tompkins chowing down eating his dinner. Quite a voracious nurser!



Puppy "Lulu" snuggles up with puppy mom, sweet! Lulu weighed in at ll oz. when she was whelped, and today she weighed l5!"

December 4, 2011

"Callie is the perfect Mom............loves her puppies so much. She is constantly tending to them, cleaning them, and loving on them. They all weighed about 1 to 2 ounces more than yesterday........doing so well. She nurses them well, but her appetite is still picky, picky, picky. I keep trying though,,,,,,,,,hand feeding her when I must. After all she is their only food source for now. "