Arley Hall Airedales Carl Junction MO 64834 Cheryl Kranz - Scott

Arley Hall Airedales, Cheryl Kranz - Scott Carl Junction, MO


2010 Litter
Callie X Dickens
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Happy First Birthday to all my Callie/Dickens puppies. My, oh my, what a handsome bunch you are ! I'm always so pleased to hear how well each of you is doing. Thanks to all the owners who sent pics for the occasion.Cheryl

 Happy Birthday to my babies........Happy First!  
Love, Momma Callie


Happy Birthday, my little ones; you make me proud.


Beau Basil 




                         Jordan                                  Becky                                       Winston





Well, we made it this far, and we're looking good! Thanks mom and dad.


A happy birthday to all my litter mates.  Love,
Your brother, Rhett






Haven stacking like a great show girl!




Rhett at ll weeks of age, Arley Hall Frankly, My Dear I Don't Give a D , is the son of our Callie, Ch. Arley Hall Calla Lilly and "Dickens", Ch. Walnut Ridge Sir Charles.



Arley Hall Home Sweet Home

Haven.. ll weeks of age.   Daughter of Ch. Arley Hall Calla Lilly and Ch. Walnut Ridge Sir Charles,
we're hoping to see her in the show rings one day.




"Jordan ready to go to work"..................So nice to see our dogs helping the economy (lol).





Jordan Covington.

Now ll months of age, Jordan
is soooooo grown up! (lol)


Jordan snoozing on, what a girl!


Jordan is ready for Razorback Football to begin.

  Jordan, as so many other my Airedales, is infatuated with the hose.

Taking a Sonic break with Janine.
Ever so lady like, isn't she?



Darby and Becca (litter mate sisters) now living together at Phil and Susan Mercers in Jefferson City, MO........Darby couldn't be happier having a canine playmate. They are doing great together.



Darby enjoying sunset at her Lake Kentucky vacation with owners Phil and Susan Mercer.





Darby, taking a drink from the water fountain
after a long walk around the lake.





Writes Susie Mercer, I caught Darby watching a baby cheetah and a dog on the Today Show this a.....the liked that big kitty!"......





Darby looking so cute at nearly 6 months of age.




Darby enjoying the snow on Christmas Eve Day.
( Dec. 24, 2010)


Darby is so proud of the hole she dug for typically Airedale .



No room to sleep in Darby's bed..all..filled up  with her treasures.

Darby looking so sheepishly as she rustles around in the dusty leaves.



Darby at home on the Oriental rug looking cute as a button.

Matt Mercer with Sister Sara
and new family addition,  Darby.......
all fast asleep on the drive home Saturday

Sleep Darby, just charging up

As Darby leaves for home, she became quite interested in another Airedale outside...our Airedale topiary.   That Darby is fierce, not worried about how she is out sized (lol).


 The Philip Mercer Family leave here with their puppy......."Darby", aka "Olivia".   Picture are daughter Sara, Susan, Matt (behind Susan), Darby being held by Phil.   I'm certain this girl will be spoiled, loved,and cared for so  very much in Jefferson City, MO

October 29, 2010



Here's Atlas, safely tucked away in his new home with Marco Rallo, St. Louis, MO.   The cute gal is Marco's friend and Atlas' trainer/dog walker, Jennifer.   It's easy to see how attached Marco is to Atlas. 





Bertie Boz, aka "Barrett" having fun wrestling with friend Izzy, and adopted Airedale from Texas Airedale rescue.  They are best buds!"

October 28, 2010


Here's our "Barrett" leaving for home with his new mom, Barbara Bates, of Fort Worth, Texas.   Her son, Tyler, drove her all the way here today to pick up their puppy"   I will really miss Barrett...what a handsome puppy he is...a real winner. "

October 27, 2010

"Betheny" leaves with her new grandparents Jean Guy and Giselle Martin, of Montreal Quebec, Canada, on her way to her new home with Janik Martin and family in Houston, TX


e-mail October 28, 2010
"Stella is home and she is gorgeous, playful
and everybody loves her."

 Janik, her children Gabriel and Juliette and the newest family addition, Stella. 



Browning with his new family, Steven and Jean Campbell in Fenton, MO

"One of the best things we did was buy an exercise pen and keep it in our kitchen/hearth room. So even when I am busy working and can't watch him, Winston is in the pen, in the same room and with us all the time, except for when is sleeps in his crate at night. Rocky,  my son's dog, sleep in his crate next to Winston."
Beau Basil



 This is Beau 20 months of age..........right after grooming and looking good!




Beau Basil (l0 months of age) after his final ear glueing. He looks great!"




Beau at 10 month old





  Beau Basil at 6 months of age with owner Veronika







Here is Beau celebrating 4 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days on earth.   He is being rewarded with some goodies after having his rabies vac.



Ah... Dig well done.  Must be time to go inside for a biscuit and a nap.



Beau Basil is trying to give instructions to Today on the proper way to run through the tunnel.

Beau Basil, aka "Oliver",  at his new home in Mountain View, Arkansas.





October 25, 2010



Today and Veronika leaving for
home with "Oliver"





She, too, goes to work everyday with puppy Mom Janine.   So cute........everyone just loves her at work, too.


Jordan enjoying an early spring day in Arkansas.
....7 months of age


Here's a pic of Jordan taken today
 ( Dec. 21, 2010) right after she was groomed


Janine Covington and her new puppy, Bronte, bidding us farewell. I'm sure Bronte will enjoy her new life in Rogers, AK

e-mail from Lori Selby, Nov 19, 2010...
Ringo is the best dog and we are crazy about him.  He’s very mature for his age!  Last night James told me what a good job I had done in finding such a good breeder.   He’s got the best disposition – sweet, smart, funny and obedient --- and very cute!

Thanks for doing such a great job during the first phase of his life --- it made a difference. 

Hope you’re doing well!  Talk to you soon!
Lori Selby









Callie's puppy "Blakely" ( now called Ringo) at his new home with James May, Lori Selby, and John. 

 e-mail from Lori Selby, Oct 24, 2010...

We can't get over what a good dog he is.  He follows James everywhere.  He's made friends with Kitty and they play.  There still have been no accidents in the house.  
I have a water feature by the pool and he loves climbing on the rocks and drinking from the fountain.
We have a cute video.  James is going to try to send it to you.
Ringo sleeps on his back.  He's adorable!
He comes when we call him.  
He's found a favorite place to dig---really goes to town there!
Sounds like you had a nice weekend.   
How is Callie?
Lori Shelby



 e-mail from Lori Selby, Oct 28, 2010...

I've never had such a great experience with a puppy!  I think a big part of it is all the heart and soul you put into it for the first 8 weeks of their lives.  The outcome are well adjusted smart puppies.  I appreciate that.
Lori Shelby

October 15, 2010
Puppies frolicking in the Big yard
These 7 week old puppies are enjoying a beautiful autumn day
getting their morning workout after breakfast.
October 14, 2010

Pre-departure Vet visit - Exams and vaccinations


October 13, 2010
Day after their first professional haircuts looking so dapper.

October 12, 2010
These seven week old puppies enjoy their first professional grooming.
They do look cute.  Look just like miniature Airedales

October 3, 2010



October 2, 2010

We had about 25 or so visitors here for Puppy Visiting Day, birthday, too, and we had so much fun.    All of us, puppies, Puppy Mom Callie, and I were exhausted after-wards.   The weather cooperated, and it was a truly exciting day.   It was first time for me to meet the new owners, except John and Carolyn Knudsen, Anna, and Gracie, too, who I already knew.   Visitors Veronika and Today came from Mountain View, Arkansas; Susan and Phil Mercer drove in from Jefferson City, MO,  Lori Selby, James, and John traveled from Tulsa, OK, Janine Covington and a friend from Rogers, Arkansas, and Jean Campbell, husband, and son visited from Fenton, MO.   Lots of good food, comeraderie, and excitement!   Thanks to everyone for coming; you made it a special day.     Sorry the other owner new owners couldn't make it; you were missed.

Photos and video below.



Veronika, Today with Oliver



Veronika kissing "Oliver", and they only just met that day.  "She's already mad about the boy.





"Feeding Frenzy" for thes 5 week old puppies


September 25, 2010

September 18, 2010

September 16, 2010

Puppy "Browning" at 3 weeks of age.

Puppies "Bronte (gold), Haven (pink),  Barrett (tan), and Blakely (blue) taking a snooze.   Notice how they now stay in "casual groups" when they sleep.....touching each other every so slightly.   Such sweet puppies." 

September 14, 2010

Beginning Weaning at 2 l/2 weeks 


September 11, 2010
Here is the 2 weeks of age video of the puppies. Enjoy! 


Meet The Boys


Meet The Girls


Arley Hall Puppies Waking Up
August 28, 2010 2 days old



Sonogram scans taken on July 20th, 2010

As you can see, the embyos seem very healthy and normal in size.........nice looking puppies.  In  actuality, they are probably the size of golf balls right now, and growing by leaps and bounds daily


This  is where it all began...
I picked up Callie in Chicago, and we headed right to Houston where she was bred to her
Mr. Wonderful "Dickens" ... and now 7 weeks' later she doesn't have the same svelt body (lol).